Dog Coats

Custom Made Coats for Your Furry Friend!

Features of this design include….

  • Name of dog directly on coat
  • Secure clasp on stretch belt, quick & easy to do up. Two clasps on  large dogs
  • Neck design is slip over, with stretch fabric for secure fit

You can have a choice of either:

  • 2 layers of polar fleece
  • 1 polar fleece & 1 padded calico lining
    This type is ideal for dogs that shed, as the  fur doesn’t adhere to calico as much.
    A large roll neck  can be added for larger dogs such as greyhounds or whippets.

Three basic measurements are required:

  1. collar to start of tail (on top)
  2. centre of chest, running along side of body to  same as first measurement
  3. firmly around body, app middle of back
  4. breed of dog, and photo if possible (not essential)


  • Extra Small – $35         (suitable for  Pugs & similar sized dogs)
  • Small – $45                  (suitable for Maltese, whippets)
  • Medium –  $65              (suitable for Staffys, Boxers)
  • Large to X Large $95  (Danes, Greyhounds, Wolfhounds)

Our coats are custom made for your furry friends so our prices are a guide. If you are not sure which coat will fit your pooch then please email or call. Adjustments can be made.
Delivery within 7- 10 days of order
A large range of colours are available in different fabrics such as polar fleece. Nominate your colour.

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